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  • Expert native proofreaders with Masters/PhD's
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English Proofreading & Editing Services

For ESL Students/Academics

Achieve a higher grade for your university work by having your document proofread, edited and improved by one of our academic proofreading experts.

For Businesses

Our experienced editors can provide first-class proofreading and copyediting of your marketing materials, company communications, reports, proposals,
contracts and more.

For Private Individuals

Whether you need a CV/Resume, job application, email/letter or other piece of writing reviewed, we can ensure that your writing is well received by the reader. We understand the importance of acknowledging the target readership so we can help you with any piece of English writing, no matter the context.

From £9.90/$15 per thousand words

    Excellent benefits for you and your grades!

    • Your written English will improve and develop as you see where you are making mistakes
    • Our feedback suggestions will greatly help you with your written English
    • You will gain more confidence in your written English ability
    • Your vocabulary will grow and your grammar will improve
    • You will be confident that your written English work is as good as the work that you do in your native language
    • All of our English proofreaders have Masters degrees or PhDs from leading UK/US Universities and are associates of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders
    • Remember, if you are not entirely happy we will give you a full refund!

    How we improve your work

    • Remove errors of grammar and punctuation
    • Recommend improvements in vocabulary to make your language more academic
    • Ensure that your writing is consistent and flows
    • Evaluate and comment on your referencing
    • Provide you with valuable feedback on your writing skills and give you tips on how you can improve your English

    It's quick and easy!

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    • Your improved work will be returned to you via email in under 24 hours*

    *Under 24 hours for 5,000 words or less. For larger documents, see Turnaround Times.

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    We work hard to put our ESL students’ needs first!

    Order our first class English proofreading and editing service now from £9.90 per thousand words and ensure you get the grade you deserve!

    English Proofreading Service

    More About Your Perfect English Proofreading

    Our English proofreaders and editors have extensive experience specialising in editing the work of ESL students/speakers and international businesses. We have expertise in a range of subjects, from Science and Engineering to Business, Economics and more.

    In 2012 alone, we have helped over 500 clients with their English Proofreading and Editing requirements, achieving 94% customer satisfaction*.

    We offer professional proofreading and editing services in both UK English and US English. Services include:

    ESL Proofreading & Editing | Professional UK/US English Proofreading Services | Online Proofreading | English Editing | 24 Hour Proofreading Services

    If you have any queries, please contact Hector Wearden, our Client Services Manager. Hector joined our team in April 2011 having previously worked as Editing Manager at Proofreading Service UK and Cambridge Proofreading. Hector will manage your order, assigning your document to the best suited editor. He is available to answer any questions/requests you have during the proofreading process.

    *100 past customers were contacted via email and were asked, "Are you satisfied with the service you received from us at Your Perfect English?" Of 46 respondents, 43 replied with the positive option, 'yes'.

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    Mi-Lien, University of Edinburgh

    “I can see how much better my assignment is. Your English proofreading has really helped my confidence – thank you very much!”

    Loum, Liverpool John Moores University

    “Thanks for helping me get my best grade score yet! I am very happy with your services and will recommend you to my friends”

    Jing-Wei, University of Manchester

    “Thank you for helping me with my English assigments. By seeing where my grammar is bad, I can improve!”