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  • Expert native proofreaders with Masters/PhD's
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Dissertation/Thesis Proofreading & Editing for ESL

Achieve a higher grade for your dissertation/thesis by having your work proofread, edited and improved now by one of our experts! From £9.90 per thousand words!

Writing a dissertation in a second language is an extremely challenging task.  Our professional proofreaders can ensure that you are given equal opportunity with native speakers to achieve a strong grade.

Excellent benefits for you and your English language skills

  • Your written English will improve and develop as you see where you are making mistakes
  • The feedback and suggestions you will receive from our experts will greatly help you with your English writing
  • Your vocabulary will expand and your grammar will improve
  • You will be confident that your written English work is as good as the work that you do in your native language
  • All of our professional English proofreaders have Masters degrees or PhDs from top British and American Universities and are associates of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders
  • If you are not completely happy with our service we will offer a full refund!

How our professional proofreaders will improve your dissertation/thesis

  • Removal of grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Recommendations for improvements in vocabulary to make your language more academic
  • Ensure that your writing is consistent and flows
  • Improve the structure and presentation of your writing
  • Evaluate and comment on your referencing
  • Provide you with valuable feedback on your English language skills and offer advice on how you can improve your writing

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    24 Hours | Up to 4,000 words
    72 Hours | Up to 25,000 words

University Dissertation Thesis Proofreading Editing

Let us help you achieve a higher grade for your university dissertation/thesis

Order our first class English proofreading and editing service now from £9.90 per thousand words and ensure you get the grade you deserve!

Submitting a quality dissertation/thesis is crucial to the overall grade you achieve on your university programme. We help ESL international students ensure that the argument and commentary of your dissertation is clear and coherent. By using our proofreading and editing service, you can be sure that your English dissertation reads as well as it would if you wrote it in your native language.

Our professional proofreaders have many years experience proofreading and editing dissertations/thesis’ by ESL students. We offer proofreading and editing services in both British and American English. Our services include:

Dissertation Proofreading & Editing for ESL Students | University Thesis Proof Reading and Editing Services

We have proofread dissertations/thesis’ by students from hundreds of universities, including:

New York, California and Cambridge University Proofreading & Editing online.

We are also popular with students in London, Manchester and Liverpool looking for University Proofreaders and Editors.

Students from universities all over the world have used our Thesis Editors.

Proofreading is sometimes misspelled as 'proof-reading' or 'proofing'.

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Mi-Lien, University of Edinburgh

“I can see how much better my assignment is. Your English proofreading has really helped my confidence – thank you very much!”

Loum, Liverpool John Moores University

“Thanks for helping me get my best grade score yet! I am very happy with your services and will recommend you to my friends”

Jing-Wei, University of Manchester

“Thank you for helping me with my English assigments. By seeing where my grammar is bad, I can improve!”