University Academic Proofreading & Editing Services for ESL Students

University Proofreading & Editing

Your Perfect English provide high quality, fast and affordable academic proofreading and editing services for English as a second language (ESL) students and university departments.

Our online proofreading and editing services can help you to ensure that you achieve the best possible grade for your university assignments, essays and projects.

Our academic proofreaders and editors are highly experienced and have helped thousands of ESL students improve their English writing.

Our prices are better than our competitors as we keep our costs down. This means we can afford to charge lower rates yet still deliver a service of the highest quality. Click here to find out more about our commitment to outstanding value.

You can feel confident that we will do an excellent job for you as we offer a customer satisfaction and quality guarantee. If you are not entirely happy with our work, we will provide a refund.

Benefits for ESL Students

  • Your written English will improve and develop as you see where you are making mistakes
  • Our feedback suggestions will greatly help you with your written English
  • You will gain more confidence in your written English ability
  • Your vocabulary will grow and your grammar will improve
  • You will be confident that your written English work is as good as the work that you do in your native language
  • All of our English proofreaders have Masters degrees or PhDs from leading UK/US Universities and are associates of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders
  • Remember, if you are not entirely happy we will give you a full refund!

How we improve your work

  • Remove errors of grammar and punctuation
  • Recommend improvements in choice of lexis to make your language more academic
  • Ensure that your writing is consistent and flows
  • Standaradize the use of tenses
  • Improve paragraph and sentence sturcture, including syntax.
  • Evaluate and comment on your referencing

It's quick & easy!

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Your improved work will be returned to you via email in under 24 hours*

*Under 24 hours for 4000 words or less. For larger documents, see Turnaround Times.

Let us help you achieve a better grade!

Order our first class English academic proofreading and editing service now from £9.90/$15 per thousand words and ensure you get the grade you deserve!

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"You have done a fantastic job on my essay. Thank you very much." - Amanda, University of Manchester (Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"Your editing has helped me so much. I will recommend you to my friends!" - Yuning, University of Nottingham (Dissertation Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"I am very happy with your customer service and the work of your editors." - Abdul, University College (UCL) London (Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"Please say a big thank you to the editor for all of their hard work." - Joaquin, University of Warwick (Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"You managed to proofread and edit all 60,000 words of my PhD thesis in 72 hours. Brilliant!" - Lothar, University of Cambridge (Thesis Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"Very good customer service and proofreading. I have used other services before and I think your service is the best value. Muchas Gracias!" - Isabella, University of Leeds (Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"My dissertation tutor tells me that my written English needs to be improved. Thankfully, I now have you to help me!" - Yen-Ying, University of Oxford (Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"I find writing in English much more challenging than speaking it. Your editing gives me more confidence in my writing." - Aurelie, University of Birmingham (Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"I appreciate very much the hard work of your editors" - Mohammed, University of Edinburgh (Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"Writing my thesis in a second language has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am so glad I had you guys to edit it for me!" - Wilhelmina, University of Westminster, London (Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"Please kindly thank the editors for doing a great job." - Amelie, University of Sheffield (Proofreading & Editing Services received)

"My lecturer has praised my writing in his feedback on my essay. Thank greatly." - Sergei, University of Cardiff (Proofreading & Editing Services received)

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Mi-Lien, University of Edinburgh

“I can see how much better my assignment is. Your English proofreading has really helped my confidence – thank you very much!”

Loum, Liverpool John Moores University

“Thanks for helping me get my best grade score yet! I am very happy with your services and will recommend you to my friends”

Jing-Wei, University of Manchester

“Thank you for helping me with my English assigments. By seeing where my grammar is bad, I can improve!”